Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

November 21, 2019

When talking about Corporate Social Responsibility, addressing the issues of Diversity and Inclusion is the one that stands out to close the diversity gaps.


But what is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) simply put?


CSR is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and hold themselves responsible to address social and environmental issues. If all companies were held accountable for the part they play in building up the society, we would be living in a much different world today.

Having participated to the meeting organized by PWN Milan about "Dialogue makes Equality" has created a glimpse of hope to see that more brands are actually taking initiatives for a better future. In the meeting, brands such as Barbie, Procter&Gamble, Whirlpool Corporation, Danone and COOP participated to share their companies initiatives to address the issues of Diversity and Inclusion.





These were few of the videos that were shared during the meeting and hope it inspires many more brands to do so.


But how can we close the Diversity Gap?

It all starts with the perspective we choose to have to see the world from:


Compassion and Understanding perspective:


As human being we all have felt excluded in our lives and we are much more alike than different. If we start to focus on the values we share as human being rather than what makes us different, we will see that we all communicate through a universal language of the feelings. That is the ground to start the conversation from. 

We can aim for growth if we are looking ahead to move towards what we want to see happen in our societies. We can never excel by looking back to where we had been before. Forward thinking is about focusing on accomplishing the task at hand for a better tomorrow.


Raising awareness:


By raising awareness and talking about these issues, we can know more about all the perspectives to be able to address these issues much more efficiently and inclusively. Communication is the key to solving any problem and this is not an exception. Having the openness to share our thoughts and exchange ideas to be able to understand the issues of Diversity and Inclusion much better is the foundation to address these issues.



Hope to see more events like this organized to raise awareness and discussion to inspire more solutions for having Diversity and Inclusion.


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