BmpDeco was founded with the intention to do meaningful creative works to address our social issues. We focus on creating inspiring physical and social environments.


Stimulating social environment is created through services provided for companies and professionals to learn the necessary skills for being empowered and more inclusive. They all help to remove the corporate barriers to facilitate building inclusive environments. 


Our intention is to address the issues of Diversity and Inclusion creatively. We highlight the importance of CSR and having the right mindset to make an impact.
We know the importance of diversity in society and for companies to excel. So we build bridges between the gaps created because of diversity. It is all about:

raising awareness

understanding different perspectives

and learning skills necessary

to create inclusive environments.

We also care about creating a physical environment in our internal spaces with the same values. "Identity", one of our designs, has won an International A’Design Award 2019 in the Social Design Category on the theme of Diversity and Inclusion. Our products for creating empowering environments have been showcased in Milan Design Week 2019 and Museum of Outstanding Design Exhibition (MOOD).

Change Your Perspective Collection Interview

May 29, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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